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Interleaved Boost PFC


By shifting the phase of the two boost converters by 180 degrees, it is possible to reduce the current stress in the inductors and switches, as well as the ripple current in the capacitors. This topology is useful for high power applications (several kW).


- Low noise & large power output
- Efficiency around 98%
- Frequency 70 kHz to 130 kHz
- Needs larger PCB space due to higher part count



Key Products

Product CategoryProduct familyProduct NumberFeature
Switching Transistor600 / 650V SJ MOSR60xxKN /R65xxKNGood compromise between performance and ease of use.
650 V IGBTRGWxx seriesIGBT proposal for lower cost, but comprising efficiency.
Diodes650 V SiC SBDSCS3xx seriesIncreased surge current mode capability of 3rd gen.
650V Si FRDRFS seriesLower Vf than RSV series, but ultra fast switching capability
RFL seriesImprove fast switching capability than RFN series.
600 V Si FRDRFV seriesfast trr for CCM PFC (600V only)lower cost solution vs SiC SBD
RFN serieslow VF for DCM PFC (600V only) lower cost solution vs SiC SBD
Gate DriverIsolatedBM61xxx Series1ch 3750Vrms isolated, for devices including driver source pin.
non-IsolatedBD2310G1ch non-isolated, simplest solution available.


A-006 : Interleaved Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A, CCM

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