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로옴의 시리얼 EEPROM 은 데이터 보존에 최적인 풍부한 용량, BUS 인터페이스, 다양한 패키지의 불휘발성 메모리입니다.



As one of the few vendors of the legacy DRAM which has a supply problem, LAPIS Semiconductor provides a diverse lineup of PKG products and KGD chips most suitable for SiP, on a long-term stable basis. Also, we offer a quick support which only a domestic (Japan) manufacturer is capable of.


시리얼 EEPROM (649)

로옴의 시리얼 EEPROM은 데이터 보유에 최적인 비휘발성 메모리로서, 풍부한 용량, BUS 인터페이스, 패키지를 다양하게 구비하고 있습니다.


FeRAM is Ferro-electric Random Access Memory from 32Kbit to 256Kbit configuration developed by ferroelectrics process and CMOS process technology.
No backup by battery, high speed random read/write, rewrite up to 1 trillion times and low power consumption are offered for various applications.
LAPIS Semiconductor's FeRAM ensures high quality and uninterrupted supply within ROHM group.


LAPIS Semiconductor is a manufacturer for NOR Flash memory in Japan. LAPIS Semiconductor's NOR Flash memory utilizes a floating gate structure. 128 Mb or less memory capacity is Single Level Cell(SLC). 256MB or more memory capacity is Multi Level Cell(MLC). Moreover bit error correction function by an ECC (Error Correction Code) circuit achieves superior data retention characteristics.


LAPIS Semiconductor's read-only, non-volatile P2ROM™ products are specially designed to reduce lead time and eliminate stock at the customer's site while reducing programming costs and mask charges. A number of different models are available, from standard parallel and page mode units to SPI-compatible products and customizable memory (AS@P2ROM™) with built-in gate array.