HERIC inverter (1-phase application)


HERIC (Highly Efficient and Reliable Inverter Concept) is a well-known topology for photovoltaic systems. This is a configuration in which two anti-parallel auxiliary switches are added to the conventional H-bridge inverter. These switches can pass freewheel current through the shortest route during the period when the output voltage of the H-bridge inverter is zero, and can improve loss and noise.


- Six switches conform this topology, in which the four on the H bridge switch at high frequency, and the two external ones switch at grid frequency.
- Lower cost SJ-MOSFET
     - Lower loss SiC MOSFET, IGBT
     - Smaller Package choises from 3-leads, 4-leads or 7-leads,



Key Products

Product CategoryProduct FamilyProduct NumberFeature
Switch650V IGBTRGWxxTx65 seriesTrench-gate and thin-wafer technologies are utilized to achieve low VCE(sat) reducing switching loss.
600V SJ MOSFETR60 serires600 to 800V power MOSFETs using superjunction technlogy, PrestoMOSTM series enable high speed switching and low on-resistance performance. Variaous choice of package are availble.
750V SiC MOSFETSCT4xxxDx seriesThe latest SiC MOSFET device. Enhanced low on-resistance enable best in class performance. It supports 750 V withstand voltage, ensuring a higher operating margin than conventional products, and can be used safely.
650V SiC MOSFETSCT3xxxAx seriesTrench-gate SiC MOSFET with low on-resistance (50% reduction) compared to conventional products.
Gate DriverGalvanic Isolated gate driverBM61x4xRFV1ch configuration, 3,750Vrms isolated type Gate Driver, can be used for switching devices with current source pins.


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