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REFSENS002 - Reference Design

Reference Board forLow-side Current Sensing Circuit

In the fields of automobiles and industrial equipment, low-side current sensing circuits are used for functions such as current (voltage) control, overcurrent limit, and remaining battery level detection. Shunt-resistor low-side current sensing circuits are the most general solution. The REFSENS002 is a shunt resistor and low offset operational amplifier current sensing reference design. Design data, including heat generation evaluations, is published on Web site, so please use it as a design reference to help reduce design man-hours.


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Board Number Input voltage (equipped device) Input voltage (sensing line) Output system Current Sense Range Size
REFSENS002-EVK-001 2.7 to 5.5V (LMR1802G-LB) ~26V (Terminal protection by Zener diode) Analog voltage value up to 100A 90mm x 80mm

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Board Number Part Number Product Category Datasheet Status SPICE LTspice® ? Thermal Model Symbol & Footprint 3D STEP Samacsys ECAD Library Calc Tool ROHM Solution Simulator
REFSENS002-EVK-001 BH1749NUC Color Sensor ICs - Last Time Buy - -
REFSENS002-EVK-001 LMR1802G-LB Operational Amplifiers - Recommended - - Solution Simulator
REFSENS002-EVK-001 LMR1802YG-C Operational Amplifiers - Recommended - - Solution Simulator
REFSENS002-EVK-001 PSR400ITQFJ2L00 Current Detection Resistors - Recommended Solution Simulator
REFSENS002-EVK-001 TDZV5.1 Zener Diodes - Recommended - - - - -