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Product Detail

형명 | SCT2080KEGC11
상태 | 추천품
패키지 | TO-247N
포장 수량 | 450
최소 포장 단위 | 30
포장 사양 | Tube
RoHS | Yes

사양 :

Drain-source Voltage[V]


Drain-source On-state Resistance(Typ.)[mΩ]


Drain Current[A]


Total Power Dissipation[W]


Junction Temperature(Max.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size [mm]

16x21 (t=5.2)

특징 :

・High-speed switching
・Low ON resistance
・Low body diode Qrr and trr
・Ensured reliability of body diode conduction


    • Evaluation Board
    • P01SCT2080KE-EVK-001
      • Optimized for evaluating ROHM's SCT2080KE SiC planar MOSFET (1200V/80mΩ); supports other ROHM SiC MOSFETs by changing circuit settings.
      • Evaluates MOSFETs and IGBTs at 1200V/5A (if item has a built-in inductor), 100kHz
      • Generates positive and negative bias voltages for the upper and lower arms from a single 12VDC system
      • Generates an internal gate signal for double pulse testing
      • Allows for evaluation of DC/DC converters via external supply signal
      • Flywheel enables selection of MOS body diodes, external diodes, and reverse conduction

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  • A-001. Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A BCM
  • A-002. Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A CCM
  • A-003. Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A CCM Synchronous FETs
  • A-004. Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A DCM
  • A-005. Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A DCM Synchronous FETs
  • A-006. Interleaved PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A CCM
  • A-008. Interleaved PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A DCM
  • A-012. Diode-Bridgeless PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A BCM
  • C006. DC-DC Converter, Buck Converter Vo=250V Io=20A
  • C007. DC-DC Converter, Buck Converter 2-Phase Vo=250V Io=40A
  • C010. DC-DC Converter, Flyback Converter VIN=800V Vo=25V Io=10A
  • C011. DC-DC Converter, Forward Converter VIN=500V Vo=25V Io=10A
  • C012. DC-DC Converter, LLC Buck Converter Vo=12V Io=250A
  • C013. DC-DC Converter, Phase-Shift Buck Converter Vo=12V Io=250A
  • C014. DC-DC Converter, Quasi-Resonant Converter VIN=800V Vo=25 Io=10A


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