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Display Controller Series for Small to Medium-Sized TFT LCD

These display controller LSIs are designed for small- to medium-sized LCDs. They support both analog and digital input, scale images to match display size, adjust video for optimum viewing. In addition, a timing controller is built in for direct connection with a variety of LCDs.
Display Controller Additional features include on-screen display, built-in frame memory, and more.


Products Product Brief Feature Operating Temperature (℃) Package Automotive Grade
Display Controller with Camera Input Support INQUIRY Rear Camera Function
HD/Full-HD/3K support
Multiple in/out controller
Screen Synthesis
On-screen display function
Image quality
Error detection
‐40 to 85 TQFP80
Image Adjustment and Function Safety LSI INQUIRY Image quality adjustment
Functional Safety
HD/Full-HD/3K support
On-screen display function
Error detection
(Input,OSD,Output,Communication and
Internal anomaly detection)
‐40 to 85 TQFP64
Head-Up Display Controller INQUIRY Head-up display support
1920x1080 in, 1280x480 out/FHD
Warping correction
Flexible warping area
On-screen display function
Status output
Fail detection function
‐40 to 85 TQFP128
Electronic Rearview Mirror Controller INQUIRY Electronic rear-view mirror support
MIPI CSI-2 input supports virtual channel
2,3 screen synthesis
Image correction function
On-screen display function
State monitor function
‐40 to 85 TQFP128

Supporting Information


Display Controllers for Small- to Medium-sized TFT LCDs


The display controller from LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™ is an LSI that provides display solutions for automotive and industrial applications, tailored to meet customers' diverse needs.
The corresponding products have achieved excellent performance in the field of automotive applications and provide an extensive product lineup.
Utilizing our proprietary circuit technology, RHOM can effectively display images by setting display position, scaling, synthesizing, image adjustment, displaying characters, or converting video signals on LCD panels.

The display controller is a customizable product, so please contact us here for more details. We will propose a product solution that satisfies your needs.

Product Features

Feature 1We provide various products that support automotive applications.

1. Display Controller with Camera Input Support

A display controller with built-in camera image display and image adjustment functions.It supports the real-time stable display of camera images and is equipped with built-in frame memory for synthesis/conversion, and supports multiple video inputs and outputs.

2. Image Adjustment and Functional Safety LSI

It is a display controller with a built-in image adjustment function and abnormality detection function to ensure safety.It supports various functional safety requirements.

  • Input anomaly detection (signal, clock, image freeze)
  • OSD anomaly detection (signal, pattern match check)
  • Output anomaly detection (clock, signal) ・Communication anomaly detection (received data, no communication, SPI communication)
  • Internal anomaly detection (image adjustment anomaly, clock)

3. Head-Up Display Controller

It is a controller with built-in warping correction and OSD function that supports HUD systems.

4. Electronic Rearview Mirror Controller

This controller features image synthesis, OSD function, and built-in angle/lens distortion/trapezoid correction, and is compatible with electronic rearview mirrors.

Feature 2 Internal integration of functions required for automotive applications using proprietary circuits

The display controller from LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™ incorporates various functions required for automotive applications, such as high-resolution support, high-speed interfaces, rapid camera startup, and anomaly detection. This allows for the construction of display systems for integrated cockpits in vehicles.


Automotive Systems

Automotive Systems

It is possible to build in-vehicle display systems such as head-up displays, center information displays (CID), meter clusters, electronic rearview mirrors, and rear seat entertainment systems (RSE).

Suitable for industrial equipment applications

Suitable for industrial equipment applications

Also suitable for doorbells, surveillance cameras, and dashcams.

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