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Voltage Detector with Fixed Delay Time - BU45K264G

ROHM’s BU45xxxxx and BU46xxxxx series are highly accurate, low current consumption voltage detector IC series. Because the counter timer delay circuit is built-in, an external capacitor for the delay time setting is unnecessary. Two output types are available (Nch open drain and CMOS output) and detection voltages range from 2.3V to 4.8V in increments of 0.1V with fixed delay time of 200ms and 400ms, that may be selected according to application.

* 본 제품은 STANDARD GRADE 제품입니다. 이 제품은 차재 기기의 사용을 권장하지 않습니다.
형명 | BU45K264G-TL
상태 | 공급중
패키지 | SSOP3 (GND 1pin)
포장 수량 | 3000
최소 포장 단위 | 3000
포장 사양 | Taping
RoHS | Yes

사양 :

Voltage Detection[V]


VDET Precision [%]


Reset Active Voltage Range [V]

0.6 to 6

Output Types

Open drain

Reset Delay Timer

Fixed Delay (400msec)

Reset Active State


Manual Reset


Watchdog Timer


Auto Motive


Circuit Current (ON) [µA]


Circuit Current (OFF) [µA]


Hysteresis Voltage [V]

VDET x 0.05


1pin GND (PIN rotated)

Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size

2.92 x 2.80 (t=1.25)

특징 :

・ Counter Timer Built-in
・ No delay time setting capacitor required
・ Low current consumption
・ Two output types (Nch open drain and CMOS output)
・ Package SSOP3 is similar to SOT-23-3 (JEDEC)