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Free Time Delay Setting CMOS Voltage Detector (Reset) IC - BD5224G-2C

ROHM's BD5224G-2C is highly accurate, low current consumption Voltage Detector ICs with a capacitor controlled time delay. The lineup includes N-channel open drain output (BD52xx-2C) and CMOS output (BD53xx-2C) so that the users can select depending on the application. The device is available for specific detection voltage ranging from 0.9V to 5.0V with 0.1V increment. The time delay has ±50% accuracy in the overall operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.

형명 | BD5224G-2CTR
상태 | 공급중
패키지 | SSOP5
포장 수량 | 3000
최소 포장 단위 | 3000
포장 사양 | Taping
RoHS | Yes

사양 :

Voltage Detection[V]


VDET Precision [%]


Reset Active Voltage Range [V]


Output Types

Open drain

Reset Delay Timer

Adjustable Delay

Reset Active State


Manual Reset


Watchdog Timer


Auto Motive


Circuit Current (ON) [µA]


Circuit Current (OFF) [µA]


Hysteresis Voltage [V]

VDET x 0.05

Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size

2.90 x 2.80 (t=1.25)

특징 :

  • AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Delay Time Setting controlled by external capacitor
  • Two output types (Nch open drain and CMOS output)
  • Ultra-low Current Consumption
  • Very small, lightweight and thin package
  • Package SSOP5 is similar to SOT-23-5 (JEDEC)