High Efficiency and Low Standby Power, CCM corresponding Secondary Side Synchronous Rectification Controller IC - BM1R00146F

BM1R00146F is a synchronous rectification controller to be used in the secondary-side output. It has a built-in ultra-low consumption and high accuracy shunt regulator, which significantly reduces standby power. The shunt regulator is constructed in a completely independent chip that enables it to operate as a GND reference even when used in high side. At continuous mode operation, further space saving can be realized when operating without the input switching synchronizing signal of the primary side. BM1R00128F also features a wide operating power supply voltage range of 2.7V to 32V for various output applications. Finally, by adopting the high-voltage 120V process, it is possible to monitor the drain voltage directly."

* 본 제품은 STANDARD GRADE 제품입니다. 이 제품은 차재 기기의 사용을 권장하지 않습니다.
형명 | BM1R00146F-E2
상태 | 공급중
패키지 | SOP8
포장 수량 | 2500
최소 포장 단위 | 2500
포장 사양 | Taping
RoHS | Yes

사양 :



Controller Type








Light Load mode




Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]


특징 :

  • Built-in Ultra-Low Consumption Shunt Regulator Reducing Standby Power Consumption
  • Synchronous Rectification FET Supports High and Low Side
  • 120V High Voltage Process DRAIN terminal
  • Wide Input Operating Voltage Range of 2.7V to 32V
  • Supports LLC and PWM QR Controller
  • No Input Required on the Primary-Side at CCM
  • Built-in Overvoltage Protection for SH_IN and SH_OUT Terminal
  • Built-in Thermal Shutdown Function
  • Built-in Auto Shutdown Function
  • SOP8 package