• I compile C language code using CCU8.
    In the case, are there any differences in C language grammar from ANSI C?
    • The following functions are supported in implementation on C language of CCU8 compiler; therefore, there are some differences with the standard ANSI X3.159-1989 and ISO/IEC 9899 proposed by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

      1. Supports the specification of INTERRUPT function.
      2. Unable to modify structure or shared members with "const".
      3. Able to use the bit field of char with the structure or shared members.
      4. Unable to modify argument with "const".
      5. Handles a declaration without a type specifier, type modifier or memory area class specifier as the declaration of "int" type.
      6. Able compare a pointer with a constant integer formula, and a pointer to void using a relational operator.
      7. Supports __near and __far data modifiers.
      8. Supports __noreg relational modifier.
      9. Supports the __asm keyword.
      10. Supports the single line comment (//).
      11. Supports the following built-in functions.
      __EI __DI __segbase_n __segbase_f __segsize

      For C language syntax and specification on CCU8 compiler, refer to "CCU8 Language Reference" manual.

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