• In the FSK mode, when continuously transmitting the modulated wave using RF_TEST_MODE, the center frequency shifts by about 3 KHz.
    • As described in the data sheet, when using RF_TEST_MODE in FSK mode, the modulator reads unnecessary data before the generation of the expected test data just after TX_ON is started up. Therefore, the center frequency changes. To use RF_TEST_MODE correctly, check again through the following procedure.
       1. Initialization register setting
      2. Execute VCO_CAL
      3. TX_ON
      4. After starting up TX, MODEM reset
      * Note: Usually, this event does not occur when transmitting packets containing DIO control. So, it is not required to perform a MODEM reset after TX_ON. This is also an event specific to FSK mode. There is no problem in GFSK mode.

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