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새로운 디자인 에 권장하지 않음 Freescale i.MX 6SoloLite 어플리케이션 프로세서용 PMIC - BD71805MWV

추천 제품
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형명 | BD71805MWV-E2
패키지 | UQFN64MV8080
포장 수량 | 1000
최소 포장 단위 | 1000
포장 사양 | Taping
RoHS | Yes

사양 :



특징 :

  • Low Supply current (OFF mode:25μA)
  • Functions for battery system in a single package ensures space saving
  • 2.5MHz 4ch Buck Regulators with DVS Support
  • LDOs 5ch
  • 2.0A Li Battery Charger with 30V OVP
  • Coulomb Counter with 15bit ΔΣ-ADC
  • Real Time Clock with 32kHz Crystal Oscillator
  • I²C Interface (100kHz, 400kHz, and 3.4MHz)