Step-down 3-pin DC/DC convertermodule BP5275

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Elegant power supply solution


Configuring a conventional DC/DC converter begins with selecting the appropriate IC (for the load), along with a number of circuit constants (i.e. for phase compensation, peripheral circuitry).
In addition, board and thermal designs must be taken into consideration based on a variety of factors, requiring significant development time.

In contrast to this ROHM's DC/DC converter module integrates all required components, eliminating the need for external parts. Also, all necessary characteristics can be obtained without requiring complex board and circuit designs, simplifying power supply configuration and reducing development time considerably.


Key Feature 1 : All parts integrated into a compact package - circuit design not required

A control circuit, switching element, coil, along with input/output capacitors, are built into a compact package equivalent to the TO-220.
This allows configuration of a space-saving DC/DC converter with no circuit design required. In addition, customizable output eliminates the need for complex board design based on electrical characteristics.

All parts integrated into a compact package - circuit design not required

Key Feature 2 : High efficiency

A synchronous rectification switching method is utilized, resulting in a conversion efficiency of up to 92%.
In addition, the high output voltage accuracy (±2%) makes it ideal for high performance applications.

Synchronous rectification utilized for 93% efficiency

Key Feature 3 : No thermal design required

An integrated heat sink, combined with special structure that dissipates heat directly from the element, enables a maximum output current of 500mA with no external heat sink required.
In addition, the single module unit structure makes surface mounting possible while eliminating the need for thermal designs (i.e. based on element heat generation).

No thermal design required

Key Feature 4 : Space-saving design

Parts integration results in a remarkably small mounting area.
This, combined with the unique design requiring no external parts, reduces footprint by approx. 83% over conventional solutions.

Space-saving design


PCs, office equipment, measurement devices, industrial equipment, appliances, gas hot water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, and more


Part No. Input Voltage (V) Output Voltage
Min. Type. Max.
BP5275-50 6.0 12 14 5.0 500 -20 to 80 88
BP5275-33 4.5 3.3 83
BP5275-25 4.0 2.5 78
BP5275-18 4.0 1.8 73

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