Non-Isolated, High-Power, 3-Pin DC/DC Converter Modules BP5277 Series

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A New 36V Max. Converter Module debuts in the extremely popular 3-pin DC/DC converter module series.


Previously, in configuring a DC/DC converter, development was necessarily broad in nature and time-consuming, starting with the selection of ICs for the loads and covering circuit design, selection of constants including those for phase compensation, board design for obtaining desired characteristics, and thermal design for heat generation. This 3-pin DC/DC converter module Series integrates all required components and allows for high-power operation without using any external components. In addition, since the Series guarantees characteristics as a module, all necessary characteristics can be obtained without touching circuit and board design. This feature reduces the time and energy required for power supply design.


Key Feature 1 : 36V voltage resistance

ROHM now offers a max. 36V input voltage converter module in the same configuration as that of the conventional 15V max. Series. This allows applications with larger equipment compared to the conventional Series, such as power conditioners, amusement equipment, and white goods.

36V voltage resistance

Key Feature 2 : No external components required

All components including the control circuit, switching element, coil, and I/O capacitors are built into the module. Furthermore, the BP5275 Series can be replaced with a 3-pin LDO regulator owing to pin compatibility. This allows space-saving configuration of the DC/DC converter without requiring circuit design. In addition, this allows customized output without worrying about board design in order to obtain characteristics.

No external components required

Key Feature 3 : High 93% efficiency results in greater energy savings

Conversion efficiency has been significantly improved compared to conventional Series. The BP5275 Series facilitates the introduction of a very high energy-saving effect. High output voltage accuracy of ±2% is also provided.

High 93% efficiency results in greater energy savings

Key Feature 4 : No thermal design required

A heat sink is mounted on the back of the module and combines with a special structure that dissipates heat directly from the heating element. This enables a maximum output current of 500mA with no external heat sink required. In addition, the single module unit can dissipate heat, eliminating the need for thermal design, i.e., securing sufficient board area, like in surface mounting, to prevent heat generation from the element. Further, mounting a heat sink enables a maximum output current of 800mA.

No thermal design required

Key Feature 5 : Space-saving design

Even if a surface mounted DC/DC converter IC is used, heat dissipation will be required. The BP5277 Series minimizes required mounting area with particular attention paid to heat dissipation performance.

Space-saving design


Power conditioners, gaming devices, office equipment, measurement devices, industrial equipment, and major appliances, including gas water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners


Part No. Input Voltage (V) Output Voltage
Output Current
Power Conversion
Efficiency (*2)
Min. Type. Max.
BP5277-15 19.0 24.0 32.0 15.0 500 (*1) -30 to 85 93
BP5277-13 16.5 13.0 91
BP5277-12 15.0 12.0 90
BP5277-90 12.0 9.0 88
BP5277-50 8.0 5.0 83
BP5277-33 8.0 3.3 76
(*1) 800mA with a heat sink mounted
(*2) Vin = 24V , Io = 500mA

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