Thick Film Chip Resistors(MCR Series) - MCR006YLPJ

Chip resistors are highly reliable due to metal-glaze resistive element. They are long-seller in the market for needs from consumer electronics to industrial/automotive. The packages are available from the ultra-compact size best matching mobile communication appliances and portable equipment.

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포장 사양
MCR006YLPJ 공급중 15000 15000 Taping Yes
사양 :
Automotive grade Yes
Size[mm](inch) 0603(0201)
Rated Power[W] 0.05
Resistance Tolerance J (±5%)
Resistance range[Ω] 1 to 10M
Resistance(Min.)[Ω] 1.0
Resistance(Max.)[Ω] 1.0E7
Temperature Coefficient[ppm/°C] +600/-200,±250
Operating Temperature[°C] -55 to 155
Rated Current[A] 0.5
Rated Resistance(Max.)(Jumper only)[mΩ] 50.0
Type General Purpose
특징 :
  • ᆞ메탈 글레이즈계 저항체를 채용한 고신뢰성 칩 저항기
    ᆞ0402 사이즈에서 6432 사이즈까지 풀 라인업
    ᆞ전 세계 5곳에 전개하는 안심 생산 체제
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