Bi-directional VCM driver for Auto focus - BU64985GWZ (New)

The BU64985GWZ is designed to drive Bi-directional voice coil motors. Additionally the driver is able to source the output current without the need for a direction control signal. The drivers include ISRC (intelligent slew rate control) to reduce mechanical ringing to optimize the camera’s autofocus capabilities.

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포장 수량
최소 포장 단위
포장 사양
BU64985GWZ-TR 공급중 UCSP30L1A 6000 6000 Taping Yes
사양 :
Grade Standard
Usage Mobile Camera Module
Interface I2C
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -25
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 85
특징 :
    • 1.8V Power Supply
    • Bi-directional Constant Current Driver
    • Current Source and Sink Output
    • 10 bit Resolution Current Control
    • 2-wire Serial Interface (I2C Fm+ compatible)
    • Integrated Current Sense Resistor
    • Power-on Reset
    • Thermal Shutdown Protection
관련 상품
관련 신제품 / 갱신 제품모터 / Actuator 드라이버
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Application Note

Thermal Resistance