SiC 파워 모듈 - BSM180D12P2C101

로옴의 SiC-DMOSFET를 사용한 Half bridge 구성의 SiC MOSFET 모듈입니다.

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포장 수량
최소 포장 단위
포장 사양
BSM180D12P2C101 공급중 C 12 12 Tray Yes
사양 :
Drain-source Voltage[V] 1200
Drain Current[A] 180.0
Total Power Dissipation[W] 1130
Junction Temperature(Max.)[°C] 150
Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40
Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C] 125
Package Half bridge
특징 :
  • ・SiC MOSFET-only power module
    ・High-speed switching and low switching loss
    ・Ensured reliability of body diode conduction
    ・Low body diode Qrr and trr
단자 배치도 :
Pin Configration
기술 정보
SPICE Simulation Evaluation Circuit Data

DC-AC Half-Bridge Ih Inverter Po=20kW

SPICE Simulation Evaluation Circuit

Circuit data for device evaluation

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