Multifunction Single-phase Full-wave Fan Motor Driver - BD6995FV (New)

BD6995FV is a 1chip driver for 12V single-phase full-wave fan motor. This IC employs the Bi-CDMOS process and soft switching drive, low power consumption and quiet drive is provided.

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포장 수량
최소 포장 단위
포장 사양
BD6995FV-GE2 공급중 SSOP-B16 2500 2500 Taping Yes
사양 :
특징 :
    • SSOP Small Package
    • PWM Soft switching Drive
    • Standby Function
    • Speed Controllable by DC Input
    • Quick Start
    • OSC Select Function (Triangle OSC or Saw OSC)
    • Signal Select Function
      (Rotation Speed Pulse Signal: FG or Lock Alarm Signal: AL)
    • Signal Output
    • Lock Protection and Automatic Restart
      (Without External Capacitor)
    • Current Limit
관련 상품
관련 신제품 / 갱신 제품모터 / Actuator 드라이버
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기술 정보
Application Note

Thermal Resistance