Multiple Input Switch Monitor LSI for Automotive - BD3378MUV-M (새로운 제품)

BD3378MUV-M is a 22-channel Multiple Input Switch Monitor IC that detects the opening and closing of mechanical switches. Once it senses a change in the status of a switch, it sends an interrupt signal to the MCU via a serial peripheral interface (SPI). The 22 switch inputs have two types of power supply, VPUB and VPUA. The VPUB and the VPUA power supplies can either be from a battery or from another power supply system. VPUB is the supply for the INB inputs while VPUA is for the INZ and INA inputs. BD3378MUV-M has two modes of operation, Normal and Sleep. In both modes, the internal registers can be set to make the device perform either intermittent or continuous monitoring of the switches. In intermittent monitoring, the switch status is monitored at regular time intervals, allowing the IC to operate with low power consumption. Also, operation with reduced noise can be achieved by enabling uniform sequential monitoring of all switches or sequential monitoring by power supply system.

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포장 수량
최소 포장 단위
포장 사양
BD3378MUV-ME2 공급중 VQFN48MCV070 1500 1500 Taping Yes
사양 :
Fully Functional Voltage(Min.)[V] 6.0
Fully Functional Voltage(Max.)[V] 28.0
VDDI Supply Voltage(Min.)[V] 3.9
VDDI Supply Voltage(Max.)[V] 6.0
Switch Input Number 22
Switch Input Voltage(Min.)[V] -14.0
Switch Input Voltage(Max.)[V] 40.0
Wetting Current (Min) 1mA, 3mA, 5mA, 10mA, 15mA
Wetting Current Type Pull up / Pull down
Intermittent Monitoring Current [µA] 100
Control Interface SPI
Clock Frequency (Max)[MHz] 4
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 125
특징 :
    • AEC-Q100 Qualified(Grade 1)
    • Uses 3.3V/5.0V SPI Protocol in Communicating with the MCU
    • Serial Communication Error Checking through 8bit-CRC
    • Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD)
    • Power on Reset (POR)
    • Selectable Source/Sink Current Levels through Register Settings
    • Wetting Current Timer Capability
    • 8 Source or Sink Input Pins (VPUA)
    • 14 Source Input Pins
    • Separable Power Supply VPUA: 16ch (INA&INZ), VPUB: 6ch (INB)
    • Interrupt Notification upon Switch Status Change
    • 1 Time to 6 Times Matched LPF that Eliminates Input Pin Noise
    • Low Current Consumption (Intermittent Monitoring)
    • Status Display of Selected Pin at DMUX Pin
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