ROHM Theatre Kyoto

ROHM Theatre Kyoto - Kyoto's Cultural Center
Creating and disseminating a variety of cultural arts from Kyoto to the world

Facility Information

Main Hall
A 2005-seat multipurpose hall for concerts and performing arts such as ballet and opera
South Hall
A 716-seat multpurpose hall for concerts, general Theatre, and various ceremonies
North Hall
In addition to functioning as a rehearsal room, this basic hall can accommodate 200 seats for small Theatres and concerts
Park Plaza
A place, filled with cafes and restaurants, where residents and tourists can relax and unwind
A public walkway, with an information center (including ticket booth), where visitors can pass from Reisendori to Nijodori
ROHM Square
An outdoor event area where, along with the adjacent Okazaki Park, visitors can relax